Sunday, November 16, 2008


Commercials help companies let the customers know their products. Advertising a product must be smart enough to interest people. Both Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune have commercials, but they are different in the ways showing their features.

The openings of the two commercials are about the same. They are all playing music and videos. The iPod commercial has different colorful iPod flying, while playing a soft, relaxing music. The Zune commercial starts with a Zune sending a file to one and another, and then suddenly a bunch of Zunes is playing a same song, then the same video. At the end, the iPod ad has all the iPods which are in different colors standing together, then at all of their bottoms come out inks with colors of their own. The Zune ad makes a list of the basic features (e.g., music, video, pictures… etc.), and then leaves a word “zune.”

Although both of the commercials are advertising a music player, the two commercials put you in different atmospheres. The iPod one makes you feel smooth, soft, and relaxed, whereas the Zune one gives you a rock and cool feeling. The Zune ad is better than the other because the scene of a bunch of Zunes playing the same music together will surprise you a lot, making a hit that you’ll never forget. The iPod ad is a little too smooth that it’s kind of boring. Above all, the Zune ad is really a good example of commercials.

It’s because the commercial is interesting that it catches people’s attention. The Zune ad is successful for it can quickly make an impression to the people who watch. There’s a key for making a good commercial – to catch people’s mind and make it easy to be remembered.

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