Sunday, November 16, 2008


Commercials help companies let the customers know their products. Advertising a product must be smart enough to interest people. Both Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune have commercials, but they are different in the ways showing their features.

The openings of the two commercials are about the same. They are all playing music and videos. The iPod commercial has different colorful iPod flying, while playing a soft, relaxing music. The Zune commercial starts with a Zune sending a file to one and another, and then suddenly a bunch of Zunes is playing a same song, then the same video. At the end, the iPod ad has all the iPods which are in different colors standing together, then at all of their bottoms come out inks with colors of their own. The Zune ad makes a list of the basic features (e.g., music, video, pictures… etc.), and then leaves a word “zune.”

Although both of the commercials are advertising a music player, the two commercials put you in different atmospheres. The iPod one makes you feel smooth, soft, and relaxed, whereas the Zune one gives you a rock and cool feeling. The Zune ad is better than the other because the scene of a bunch of Zunes playing the same music together will surprise you a lot, making a hit that you’ll never forget. The iPod ad is a little too smooth that it’s kind of boring. Above all, the Zune ad is really a good example of commercials.

It’s because the commercial is interesting that it catches people’s attention. The Zune ad is successful for it can quickly make an impression to the people who watch. There’s a key for making a good commercial – to catch people’s mind and make it easy to be remembered.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Change Would I Most Like to Make?

Air pollution has always been a problem since people started to use gasoline. We’re now trying to solve the problem. It may be a big problem, but still there’s something we can do: to be green. The way we live in order to reduce air pollution is the change what I most like to make.

Using less energy can be a way to help. The less we use gasoline, the cleaner the air will be. First, walk, or use public transportation instead of driving on your own not only reduces traffic jams but also the using of gasoline. Second, reduce using plastic products. Plastic products are from chemical industries, which uses gasoline as a major material. Third, plant more plants at your community; make it a community work, let children plant them and water them, so that they will learn to respect the nature early.
Last, buying green vehicles and using green products is environmental friendly to the Earth.

Air pollution, which is mostly caused by the using of oil, is not good for human health. By walking or taking public transportation, reducing using plastic products can lessen the pollution and the lack of oil. Planting more trees can produce more clean air. Because of these, air pollution can be reduced, and the number of people who are unhealthy will decrease.

It’s not hard to help make the air we breathe cleaner, and it’s related close to our daily life, so making the change of the way we live is important. We can’t stop using gasoline or chemical industrious materials which make air pollution, but we can make a change, to be green, to reduce the using of the things that causes air pollution.