Sunday, September 21, 2008

Group 1 Crew, "Ordinary Dreamers" Review

Group 1 Crew, a Christian rap/R&B band from Orlando, Florida, after releasing their debut album last year, has excelled quickly in the Christian music scene. The threesome went out on tour, and starting to write their next album. Now, a year and a half later, the Group releases their sophomore recording, Ordinary Dreamers.

Opening up with a beat-driven “Movin’, the melody will really make you want to move. The song gives you a fresh feeling with some effects. Highlights including “Gimme That Funk,” the powerful and lyrically-driven “Keys to the Kingdom,” “iContact,” and the party feeling “Critical Emergency.”

Comparing to their debut album, Group 1 Crew has innovated their sound and putting more instruments and sound effects in it. The music brings you happiness and makes you relax. Still, the Crew keeps the lyrics clean and Christ-centered, while making the songs have fun and dancing. Both of the CDs are great, it’s hard to say which is better. They won’t let you down.

Overall, Group 1 Crew is still doing well so far. They have incorporated many different sounds and without forsaking the Christian message. If you’re looking for new rap/R&B to listen to, look no further than the sounds of Group 1 Crew. Ordinary Dreamers showcases Group 1 Crew doing what they do best: having fun and praising God at the same time.


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