Friday, August 22, 2008

Going on a vacation. Staying in a hotel or a tent?

Choosing a place in stay while on vacation is a decision should be made. There are two major places that people choose the most, hotels and tents. Hotels are comfortable, and they have pretty good services. Tents, making you feel like living in the wild, and they somehow are not as comfortable as hotels, but they give you another kind of feeling. Both of these places are for people to stay during a vacation, but the atmospheres set them apart.

If you’re choosing to stay in a hotel, the comfortable atmosphere comes to you right at the time you stepped in, making you feeling welcomed. You’ll get good services while staying, and almost everything will be done and prepared well for you. This is a great place for people who want to rest well and enjoy services.

Going camping will be another choice. If you’re not a fan of comfortable areas, tents will be a great place for you. Insects, bugs, and their noise will surround you all night, which gives you a wild atmosphere. You can see a sky full of stars, clearly and sparkling. It is an alternative choice for people who love to be near with the nature.

Although the two places are both for staying, there are some differences between them. Staying in a hotel is comfortable, and offers good services, while staying in a tent makes you feel closer with the nature. Both of them have their distinguishing characteristic of their own atmosphere, so they meet the needs for different people.

It is somehow important to choose a place to stay at night. Hotels make you feel good and welcomed, for the services they offered. Staying in a tent is an alternative choice for it provides an atmosphere of wild, and closer to the nature. The good place to stay depends on if it’s going to make your trip a better one or not. Choose the place that “fits” your vacation.


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